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  • Universal Speaker Bracket Kit for use with R-Series DVC Speakers Only

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: RS-UB1KT
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 14 in.
      • Height: 2 in.
      • Length: 1 in.
      • Weight: 1 lb.
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Note: this bracket is now included with our Dual voice coil speakers, no need to order it separately! Please scroll down for more product info!
ub1 kit on 410N bent mount

Available Separately, This 14” bracket combined with the rear threaded mounting point of our new 2010 versions of our Dual Voice Coil 5x7”, 6x9” & 4x10” speakers allows you to make your own speaker bracket. You can modify the bracket to solve those challenging installs where there are no other options available. This mounting system is THE answer to classic car speaker installation problems.

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The Optional UB-1 Speaker bracket mounts to the threaded input on the back of our 2010 Dual Voice coil speakers. This bracket can be bent or trimmed, in virtually any shape necessary to accomplish your desired installation goals. Some vehicles, like mid-late GM cars require a speaker bracket to install a speaker in the original mono dash location. The combination of this kit and our speaker will allow you to use the UB-1 bracket to allow you to affix the speaker to the original mounting location, or in some cases to multiple locations.

Here are some examples of uses of this bracket, like our Retrosound radio, this bracket & threaded input has unlimited mounting potential!

This bracket can be bent in many directions to accomplish the desired results, below are some shapes you can bend the bracket to, which will help you mount our speaker into your dash. In some cases, you may need two brackets to help mount the speaker to your original dash mount, please review your needs carefully prior to installation. Please email us at or call us toll free: 888-325-1555.