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  • Model WPA1 Window Mount Powered am/fm antenna

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: WPA1
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 8 in.
      • Height: 4 in.
      • Length: 16 in.
      • Weight: 2 lb.

The WPA1 by Retrosound, is a window mount amplified antenna that can be used in applications where a conventional telescoping/power antenna is not desired. It is designed with separate amplifiers for the AM and FM bands, which improves the reception and gives you the maximum performance. You will have to supply the antenna with power using the 12V cable that is attached to the antenna cable. The antenna has self-adhesive pads on the bottom so you can mount it to any window in your vehicle. The antenna should be grounded to reduce any potential noise. A red LED confirms that the antenna is on.

This is a Glass-mount amplified antenna with 10" grounding cable and 94.75" cable (w/ male Motorola connector and 8.5" 12V cable)
Here's a brief video to learn more! Be sure to scroll down to learn more after the video!