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  • 64-66 Mustang (Non Convertible) Kick Panels with 6.5" speakers (Pt# MKP646-S)

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: MKP646-S
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 20 in.
      • Height: 20 in.
      • Length: 6 in.
      • Weight: 8 lb.

These Retrosound ABS kick panels are sold as a left and right pair and packaged with R-652N speakers (including grilles) and will not come pre-mounted. However, the holes for the speakers are pre-cut to accommodate the included 6.5" speakers. What makes these kick panels unique is that Retrosound designed the speaker mounting angle to aim the speaker towards the listener. Our competitor’s kick panels fire the speaker at the customer's feet, muffling the sound, while Retrosound kick panels offer a much more enjoyable listening experience, with superior sound quality and stereo imaging. The R-652N speakers have an ultra-thin mounting depth, so when mounted these panels will fit perfectly into your vehicle. The panels are paintable and come with an attractive black textured finish. Please note that these panels are designed to fit into 1964 ½ thru 1966 Mustang (non-convertible) cars.