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  • Vintage Look Screen Protectors for 1966+ American & European vehicles (#SCP01)

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: SCP01
    • Dimensions:
      • Weight: 1 lb.

This is a pack of three of the same SCP 01 Screen Protectors (see photo 1 or 2) that are recommended for 1966 & up American and European vehicles. These are Vintage Look Screen Protectors for your Model 2, Zuma, 2014 Retro Classic or Malibu radio's LCD screen (Note: these do not fit the Model One or previous version Retro Classic radios) . This will give your radio a "Vintage" appearance when the screen is turned off and are easily removable, as no adhesive is used on their backing. These work similar to mobile phone protectors to protect your screen from finger prints or scratches and are clear, so you can view the screen just as you would without them in use. (cost of USPS postage included)