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  • 1971-74 AMC Javelin Model One Radio

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: Model One B w/ 7174JAVKT
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 3.5 in.
      • Height: 1.5 in.
      • Length: 6.5 in.
      • Weight: 5 lb.
    Available Knobs
    • All Chrome Metal Knobs (68-85) (P# 03-73)
    • All Black Metal Knobs (68-85) (P# 33-93)
    • Black with Chrome Center Front and Black Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) {P# 23-93}
    • Black with Chrome Center Front and Chrome Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) (P# 23-73)
    • Chrome Front and Black Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) (P# 03-93)
    • All Chrome Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 06-76)
    • All Black Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 36-96)
    • Black Front and Chrome Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs {P# 36-76}
    • Chrome Front and Black Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs  (P# 06-96)
    • All Black Metal Knobs with  Walnut Center Sticker (68-85) (P# 64-93)
    • Black Front with Walnut Center Sticker and Chrome Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) {P# 64-73}
    • All Chrome Metal Knobs with Walnut Center Sticker (68-85)  {P# 63-73}
    • Chrome Front with Walnut Center Sticker and Black Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) {P# 63-93}
    • AMC/GM Musical Note and Aerial Labeled Knobs (P# 37a-73 / 37m-73)
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Model One radios are sold out and discontinued, please check out the new version called "Zuma" here:

Available with a chrome control face, or a black control face, the new third generation Model One radio with Am/Fm Tuner (Now featuring RDS), RF remote control, SD & USB digital file playback was created to meet the needs of classic car enthusiasts for a radio that maintains the classic in dash look of the vehicle while offering modern playback capabilities from today's digital music sources. This is a breakthrough classic car radio offering flexible mounting options with "InfiniMount" shaft/bracket system (patent pending), Remote mountable SD & USB card reader for MP3/WMA digital file playback from popular flash devices and easily obtainable SD Cards--( no ipod needed!) You can use ANY Flash Drive/Thumb drive or SD card with your digital files on it. There's even front and rear auxiliary inputs so you can listen to any device you want to! A newly designed RF remote control allows for "hide away" placement and operation of the Model One, giving you the option of a completely stock appearance.

General features:
* Am/Fm Tuner w/ 30 Presets
* New RDS capable tuner, to view song titles on fm stations that broadcast text information
* Built-in amplifier (20 watts x 4 RMS/ 40 watts peak x 4 channels)
* Plays Mp3, WMA, files via remote mountable USB & SD card reader (.5 meter cable)
* Patented InfiniMount shaft/bracket system for maximum installation flexibility
* Adjustable-angle, easy to read LCD display w/ improved wider off axis viewing area
* Compatible with optional vehicle specific faceplate and metal knobs to match your classic car
* New 1" Shorter mounting depth for easier installation (5.37” mounting depth)
* RF Remote control
* Electronic Persistent Clock Function

Audio features:
* 3 EQ presets plus user-controlled bass/treble/fader/balance adjustment
* Loudness Control

* Inputs: Rear mounted standard USB port, SD Port, and Front and Rear discrete Auxiliary inputs (Aux 1 & Aux 2)
* Outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (front, rear)
* Separate Power Antenna & Amp turn on lead(s)
Other features and specs:
* Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

2010 Model One Owner's Manual

Gen 3 Model One Owners Guide 01 15 f
Here's a video to view an overview of our product's features: