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  • 1968-85 VW / Mercedes / BMW / Porsche w/ Black Euro Plate and Model One Radio

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: Model One B w/ EUROFPBK
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 3.5 in.
      • Height: 1.5 in.
      • Length: 6.5 in.
      • Weight: 5 lb.
    Available Knobs
    • All Chrome Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 06-76)
    • All Black Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 36-96)
    • Black Front and Chrome Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs {P# 36-76}
    • Chrome Front and Black Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs  (P# 06-96)
    • All Chrome Metal Mustang Knobs (Mid to late 60's knobs) {P# 04-74}
    • Mustang / Impala Style Chrome with Black Center Front and Chrome Rear Metal Knobs {P# 54-74}
    • All Black Metal Knobs with  Walnut Center Sticker (68-85) (P# 64-93)
    • Black Front with Walnut Center Sticker and Chrome Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) {P# 64-73}
    • All Chrome Metal Knobs with Walnut Center Sticker (68-85)  {P# 63-73}
    • Chrome Front with Walnut Center Sticker and Black Rear Metal Knobs (68-85) {P# 63-93}
    • 1958-67 VW Authentic Sapphire Ivory Front and Chrome Metal Sapphire Rear Knobs {P#68-78}
    • Becker Style Front Knob with Reversible Sapphire Rear Metal Knobs  {P# 39-78B}
    • AMC/GM Musical Note and Aerial Labeled Knobs (P# 37a-73 / 37m-73)
    • Black front and rear VW sapphire knobs {P# 38-98}
    • Black front / Chrome rear VW Sapphire knobs {P# 38-78}
    • Ivory front / black rear VW Sapphire knobs {P# 68-98}
    • Blaupunkt style knobs (all black, front & rear) {P# 40-90}
    • Blaupunkt style knobs (front black, chrome front & rear)  {P#40-80}
    • Amc front w/ Blaupunkt  style rear (chrome rear) {P# 37a-80}
    • Amc front w/ Blaupunkt style rear (black rear) {P# 37a-90}
    • Amc front w/ Euro style rear (black rear)  {P# 37a-96}
    • Amc front w/ euro style rear (chrome rear) {P# 37a-76}
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Model One radios are sold out and discontinued, please check out the new version called "Zuma" here:

Comes with YOUR CHOICE OF Front and rear metal knobs!! This beautiful "Euro" Style faceplate will look awesome in your VW, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes car or other foreign car (Now fits: 1961-1964 Triumph TR-4 1969-1976 Triumph TR-250/TR-6 !) , please be sure to check the measurements of our plate (7.55" W X 2.24" H CTC SHAFT WIDTH 5.15") prior to ordering.


Available with a chrome control face, or a black control face, the new third generation Model One radio with Am/Fm Tuner (Now featuring RDS), RF remote control, SD & USB digital file playback was created to meet the needs of classic car enthusiasts for a radio that maintains the classic in dash look of the vehicle while offering modern playback capabilities from today's digital music sources. This is a breakthrough classic car radio offering flexible mounting options with "InfiniMount" shaft/bracket system (patent pending), Remote mountable SD & USB card reader for MP3/WMA digital file playback from popular flash devices and easily obtainable SD Cards--( no ipod needed!) You can use ANY Flash Drive/Thumb drive or SD card with your digital files on it. There's even front and rear auxiliary inputs so you can listen to any device you want to! A newly designed RF remote control allows for "hide away" placement and operation of the Model One, giving you the option of a completely stock appearance.

General features:
* Am/Fm Tuner w/ 30 Presets
* New RDS capable tuner, to view song titles on fm stations that broadcast text information
* Built-in amplifier (20 watts x 4 RMS/ 40 watts peak x 4 channels)
* Plays Mp3, WMA, files via remote mountable USB & SD card reader (.5 meter cable)
* Patented InfiniMount shaft/bracket system for maximum installation flexibility
* Adjustable-angle, easy to read LCD display w/ improved wider off axis viewing area
* Compatible with optional vehicle specific faceplate and metal knobs to match your classic car
* New 1" Shorter mounting depth for easier installation (5.37” mounting depth)
* RF Remote control (perfect for hidden applications, has a 5 meter range)
* Electronic Persistent Clock Function

Audio features:

* 3 EQ presets plus user-controlled bass/treble/fader/balance adjustment
* Loudness Control

* Inputs: Rear mounted standard USB port, SD Port, and Front and Rear discrete Auxiliary inputs (Aux 1 & Aux 2)
* Outputs: 4-channel preamp outputs (front, rear)
* Separate Power Antenna & Amp turn on lead(s)

Other features and specs:

* Manufacturer's warranty: 2 years

2010 Model One Owner's Manual

Gen 3 Model One Owners Guide 01 15 f