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  • Metal All Black "Euro" style front & rear knob set

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    • Part Number: RS-EUROKNBABK
    • Dimensions:
      • Weight: 0.5 lb.
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Please view the photos of the products on the left (view 1 & view 2). These beautiful ALL BLACK Metal "Euro" Style knobs just arrived and are designed to fit our Model One and discontinued Classic Sound radio shafts perfectly! These knobs are 23mm in diameter (Front) and 28mm (Rear) Each knob is highly detailed and comes with a highly polished chrome front knob and rear knob (2 front & 2 rear) Please note that these are designed for our Model One shafts and may fit other aftermarket " shaft " style radios, but were designed for our current Model One, second generation Model One, and Classic Sound radio control shafts. These knobs are perfect for all years of Foreign and Domestic classic cars, perfect for older VW Bugs, BMW's Porsches, Corvettes, Japanese cars. These knobs are very low profile and look great in any car!