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  • Retrosound Universal Faceplate ONLY

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: RS-UNIVFPONLY
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 6 in.
      • Height: 4 in.
      • Length: 14 in.
      • Weight: 0.5 lb.

Please click on the photo to view more! Retrosound offers a Universal faceplate that fits around the Model One's face, which allows the installer to use the integrated break away tabs to modify all aspects of height & width of the plate, and even drill in their own shaft holes to fit virtually any car! (NOTE: RADIO AND KNOBS NOT INCLUDED) This FACEPLATE is a true problem solver for tough to fit applications, its unique bracket system combined with small mounting size and incredible feature set is setting the classic radio market on it's side, you will not find any radio that will fit in more cars out of the box than this one, we guarantee it--- combine this with our Universal Faceplate and you can fit just about any car, RV, motorcycle, import car... etc -- Modify the faceplate and the radio Not your dash! Note, this faceplate will work with either our Retrosound Model One or Classic Sound (CS-6 & CS-1) radios or any "other" aftermarket shaft radios that feature split shafts---and have a 3.5"w x 1.5"H control face--- and is perfect for vehicles that have oversized holes in their dash, like British or early american cars.
( Note price includes US Postage), call us directly if you're international.

Here's detailed info on the Faceplate

Here's the owner's manual for the model one:

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