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  • "Euro" Style VW Faceplate with your choice of metal knobs

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    Specifications Arrow_icon
    • Part Number: RS-EUROFPKT
    • Dimensions:
      • Width: 7.5 in.
      • Height: 2.3 in.
      • Weight: 1 lb.
    Available Knobs
    • All Chrome Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 06-76)
    • All Black Euro Style Metal Knobs (P# 36-96)
    • Black Front and Chrome Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs {P# 36-76}
    • Chrome Front and Black Rear Euro Style Metal Knobs  (P# 06-96)
    • Mustang / Impala Style Chrome with Black Center Front and Chrome Rear Metal Knobs {P# 54-74}
    • 1958-67 VW Authentic Sapphire Ivory Front and Chrome Metal Sapphire Rear Knobs {P#68-78}
    • Becker Style Front Knob with Reversible Sapphire Rear Metal Knobs  {P# 39-78B}
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*********NOTE: PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER: 909-364-1372************ This listing is for the Black "Euro" Style Faceplate that mounts on your dash, Dimensions of this plate are: 192mm wide x 57 mm H the shaft hole distance is measured 131 mm Center to center, please check your shaft hole distance prior to ordering. This plate will work for more than just VW's, it can be used for Porsche, BMW, Karmann Ghia, and other types of foreign vehicles. The all metal knobs are available in various combination that you can select to your preference. The Knobs can fit other aftermarket shaft radios that have split shafts.( Note price includes US Postage), call us directly if you're international.